1861: Frank Street, et al., to President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

This letter was addressed to President Abraham Lincoln. It is a request for the appointment of Calohill E. Stone (1814-1892) to the office of district judge for the Territory of Utah. C. E. Stone was a native of Botetourt County, Virginia — the son of Moses H. and Nancy (Whitten) Stone. He migrated west with his family while young and settled in Illinois where he farmed until 1836. He then came to Madison, Iowa and became a merchant for a time before studying law. He was admitted to the bar in 1844 and began a practice in Keokuk. He came to Council Bluffs in 1853 and practiced there until 1870. While in Council Bluffs, he became the mayor in 1855. It does not appear that Stone received the requested appointment.

This signers of this letter included Frank Street who was appointed by the Lincoln Administration as the register of the Land Office at Council Bluffs on the 20th of May 1861. Judge Street held the appointment until the incoming of the Grant Administration. The letter was also signed by Dexter C. Bloomer who was appointed as Receiver in the Land Office at the same time as Judge Street. He held the office until it was closed. Bloomer was a writer, newspaper publisher, and politician, as well as the husband of women’s rights advocate Amelia Jenks Bloomer.

Caleb Baldwin became chief justice of the supreme court of Iowa and later mayor of Council Bluffs, and was also commissioner to award Alabama claims. W. W. Maynard was the post master at Council Bluffs. He came from Michigan in 1854, driving a large flock of sheep all the way. Maynard was also the editor of the Daily Nonpareil at the time of his death in 1875.


Calohill E. Stone

Calohill E. Stone

Council Bluffs, Iowa
August 16, 1861


The undersigned unite in urging your Excellency to appoint C. [Calohill]  E. Stone, Esq., of this place a district judge for the Territory of Utah.

Mr. Stone is a lawyer of many years standing, is a man of good moral character, and has labored diligently and faithfully for the success of the Republican Party since its first organization.

We deem him a man of sufficient legal ability to discharge the duties of the office proposed, and his pecuniary situation is such at present that the appointment would be great relief to himself and family.

Frank Street, Register Land Office
D. [Dexter] C. Bloomer, Receiver, Land Office
W. W. Maynard, Post Master
Caleb Baldwin, Judge Supreme Court



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