1863: C. H. Bass to Sister

Headquarters 13th Army Corps
July 10, 1863
Vicksburg, Mississippi

My Dear Sister,

I will now embrace the favorable opportunity of writing these few lines to you. A few moments I have to spare permits me to think of my friends at home while I am in the warm and dusty city of Vicksburg on the Mississippi River and think in a few days of going towards New Orleans and perhaps our army will be ordered to take Richmond, Va.  If so, General “U. S. Grant” will proceed and do the work and relieve the Eastern Boys that has been for months trying and have made no headway yet. I think Genl Grant will never stop until he takes the Southern Confederacy and hangs the last Rebel General in it. When this is done, we will make him President of the U. S. I say one thing — that he has won one of the most complete victories ever “won during the opening of the Rebellion and won more for himself than any other General.”

I will give you a correct list of our captured property at Vicksburg that we took on the 4th of July when we took the city. We captured 32,000 prisoners, 3 Maj. Genls, 16 Colonels, 41 Lieut. Cols., 38 Majors, and over 100 Captains and 200 Lieutenants and two millions dollars worth of property, 35,000 stands of arms, and 46 large siege guns — the best in the world. We are busy every day paroling the men and the rebel Genl. Pemberton who commanded the city and Genl. Bowen we will send up North for their health and it is the wish of thousands of our men and even the rebels that we will hand Pemberton and not parole the officers at all.

I have been a little sick for a week past with the chills and fever but I am getting better at present and we are now in daily receipt of something good to eat & _____ from up the river since we took the city. I have no news of importance. I will depend on you hearing everything through the papers &c.

P. S. While writing this, I can distinctly hear the roaring of the cannons and our gunboats in the direction of Haines Bluff and I will have my horse saddled up and go out and see what the news is. I think it is Genl Sherman driving the Rebel Johnson over the bluffs. The taking of Vicksburg troubles the Rebs very bad and almost discourages them. Genl Grant’s health is good. I see the General at our Headquarters every day and he is confident of the taking of Port Hudson and says he will send his whole army there before Banks shall be defeated.

Well, no more at present. Answer immediately. Yours as ever. Brother — C. H. Bass

Direct Vicksburg, Mississippi


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