About Griff

1511229_812220015456434_9144125979043494612_nMy passion is social and military U. S. history. I prefer to educate myself through researching primary materials such as letters and diaries.

Some of the letters appearing on the Spared & Shared Blogsites were purchased from the internet but most of them were sent to me by an acquaintance of mine who buys and sells them as a hobby. After years of transcribing old letters, I have become pretty adept at deciphering 19th century handwriting which enables me to provide my friend with a transcription for his use in advertising the sales of his letters. In exchange for this service, he authorizes me to post the transcription and images of the letters on my blogsites for educational purposes.

Though some of these letters were more useful to me than others in my personal research endeavors, I have found all of them interesting for one reason or another if only to hear from a reader that it breathed life into the name of one of the ancestors on their genealogical chart. If you can add any supplementary information to what I have gleaned from the internet, I’d love to hear from you — especially if you have old photographs of the correspondents.

screenshotAdditionally, if you have any old letters or diaries that you would like to see transcribed and preserved, I would love to help you. Please see my Spared & Shared Transcription Services website for more details.

If you have any questions or comments specific to one or more of the letters appearing on this site, please submit your question or comment in the field provided below each letter. That way others who may be researching the same people will see your comment as well. General questions to me may be submitted using the form below.

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