1864: Unidentified Soldier to Parents

This letter was written by a soldier belonging to the 211th Pennsylvania Infantry but the lack of an envelope and the scribbled signature make it difficult to say with certainty who he was. He refers to a fellow soldier named James Graham who served in Co. C so it is possible that the author of this letter was also from that company, or at least from the same county in Pennsylvania.


Camp of the 211 [Pennsylvania] Regiment encamped near Petersburg [Virginia]
December the 2nd 1864

Dear Parents,

Lt. Col. Levi A. Dodd of the 211th Pennsylvania

Lt. Col. Levi A. Dodd of the 211th Pennsylvania

I now sit down to let you know that I am well and hope this will find you all the same. Since I last wrote, we have been on the march and I hadn’t time to write. We went first to Petersburg, then to the extreme left of the line which is about 7 miles left of here where we were put into the 9th Corps. Then we marched back here which is about 2 miles to the right of Petersburg and only half a mile from the Rebel line. There is a railroad runs from City Point to the front of our line and it is only a short distance from our camp to it. We don’t know when we will have to leave here. The report is that we belong to the corps which is going to Charleston, South Carolina. Burnside is the commander of our [corps] and he won’t fight in Virginia. As soon as I know where we are bound, I will write to you again.

I suppose that you are about sending my box. Send it as soon as you can. It will follow the regiment wherever it goes and if you haint sent any money yet, send five dollars as soon as you can.

It is a curious place here. There has been a big fight here since the war broke out and the graves are thick as can be. In some places the dead men’s feet is sticking out of the ground. It is a sickening sight. God grant it will soon be over.

I haint heard from James Graham since he was taken prisoner. That is about all at present. Write as soon as you can. So goodbye.

From your son, — Mor_y [?]

Give my respects to all at home.


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