1862: Cornelius D. Waldron to Mother

Unidentified Trooper of 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment

Unidentified Trooper of 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment

This letter was written by Pvt. Cornelius D. Waldron (1834-1923) of Halifax, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, where he worked as a merchant and served as the postmaster prior to the Civil War. He enlisted in Company E, 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry on 17 October 1861 and mustered out on 24 December 1864.

He was the son of William Waldron (1813-18xx) and Deborah _______ (1810-18xx). He married Margaret Agnes Lodge (1838-1915) in 1865. His sister was Hannah A. Waldron (1844-Aft1900).

The 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment fought against the famous Confederate leaders Forrest, Wheeler and Morgan, among others. Even early in the war when Confederate cavalry was normally superior to most Union forces, the regiment won most of its encounters with the enemy.


Russellville [Kentucky]
June 3rd 1862

Dear Mother & Sister,

I am happy to sit down this rainy morning to inform you that our orders were countermanded. We are now fixed up again in military style. The reason why we did not march was the citizens of this place and vicinity — both Union and Dis-union — when they heard we was under marching orders, petitioned to Gen. [Ebenezer] Dumont for us to stay. Their request was granted by the old General and we are now settled down again for some indefinite time. You see Hannah, our regiment has a splendid reputation — particularly Co. E. I do not know whether we are deserving of it or not, but we all — with several exceptions — endeavor to conduct ourselves as well as we can. Our regiment is concentrating at Bowling Green and perhaps ‘ere this reaches you, we will be on our march or again we remain here some time. I tell you, Hannah and Mother, it is uncertain when we may be ordered away. I, for my part, am well satisfied we remain for a time yet.

I received a Harper from you. I am glad to hear the fences are made but what fences you have reference to, I do not know. There is no news of any importance. It is reported that there are guerrilla bands forming in this state but none in this vicinity.

Enclosed please find fifty dollars. Do with as you wish. I will wait anxiously to hear from you.

Your son and brother, — C. D. Waldron

P.S. Excuse my abruptness. I am going on a scout today.


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